Back Pain?

Poor posture is the leading cause of neck and back issues.

Eliminate Neck & Back Pain

No longer sitting at desk all day or staring at handheld devices have to affect your posture. The OTS Posture Vest will give you better posture - guaranteed.

Why OTS Posture Vest?

There is an imaginary straight line from the top of one's head to the floor called the plumb line. It aligns the ears over shoulder, shoulder over hip, hip over knee, knee over ankles. The plumb line is deemed the proper alignment for a human body. In this day and age, it is very hard to achieve this without the help of another person's guidance. This is where the OTS Posture Vest can help.

Whether sitting at a desk at home, at an office, looking down at our phones, or even watching a movie good posture is not only
hard to achieve but hard to maintain on our own. These activities are
inevitable. The OTS Posture Vest will make it possible to focus on our posture so we can live the way we want and do so healthily.

OTS vest was designed to train your muscles and spine to keep proper posture at all times. Wearing the vest for extended periods of times can help to:

- Strengthen upper back and core

- Reverse hunchback look

- Align muscles properly

- Look tall and confident

- Alleviate wear and tear of the joints

-Promote brain body connection

- Reduce lower back and neck pain

I’ve been using the Vest For approximately six months and I have noticed that my posture has improved greatly.  Also parts of my body that were never exercised before are exercising now I’m not really sure how that works but it is the case. Thank you very much for inventing such a useful and wonderful exercise tool

Eddie Menavsky

The posture vest has really helped my alignment and makes my workouts harder. 

Claiborne Williams

I have been working out with the OTS Posture Vest for about 8 months now.  Wearing it has made a huge difference.  I feel like I get so much more out of my TRX workouts because my body is aligned now.  My CORE feels AMAZING.  I also wear the vest around my house and at my desk to work on my posture.  It really is a game changer!

April Loncar

The OTS Posture Vest is a wonderful tool for maintaining and reinforcing proper posture while working out or even just doing daily indoor chores and activities. It is comfortable to wear and very flattering and I find myself standing more erect and feel taller and better  since I am wearing and working out with the vest. I love it and highly recommend it!!!

Jody Barnett 

The OTS vest is a posture alignment vest I consistently wore during TRX & Hiit workouts. I found it easy to adapt to its guidance and relied on the vest to keep me posture aware and aligned. The vest position supports an open chest with head and shoulders stacked nicely.  Initially my body wasn't used to being aligned so workouts were more challenging and as I adapted my movements during workouts were more efficient.  An unexpected benefit is that outside of workouts I gained a body-sense of maintaining great posture.

Sheri Rhambarose

Your posture can't wait. The OTS Posture Vest is here for you today

Sizing Description

The vest is worn tight and snug to your body.

Women: Select two (2) sizes smaller than your t-shirt size. If you wear M choose XS.

Men: Select one (1) size smaller than your t-shirt size. If you wear M choose S.