OTS Posture Vest

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OTS Posture Vest is a zippered garment to be worn comfortably for exercising and daily activities. It is made of 50% Lycra and 50% polyester, totally washable in a cool setting in your washer but hung to line dry.

It has a flat wooden stick that inserts into the appropriate sleeve on the back of the vest. It is inserted till it is visible at the bottom opening.

The garment is put on as a normal vest would be and zipped up for comfort.

The back of the head of the user should connect with the little round part at the top of the stick, the stick should touch three points of the body for good posture training.

The vest is worn tight and snug to your body.

Women: Select two (2) sizes smaller than your t-shirt size. If you wear M choose XS.

Men: Select one (1) size smaller than your t-shirt size. If you wear M choose S.